Services at a glance my experience covers on and offline copywriting, web copywriting, SEO copywriting, B2B emails letters and newsletters, direct mail campaigns, press & PR, blogs and social media, corporate and financial documents, technical product literature and catalogues, scripts for radio/video, sales presentations and conferences.

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About the Author
I am Richard Harrison. I trained as a graphic designer in colleges in the North East of England and London. My career really started with a job as an art director with Conde Nast working on the promotion and advertising for Vogue, House and Garden and Brides. From here I went to work in the heady world of the London/International advertising agencies and brand design companies where I gained experience in many market sectors including automotive, retail and financial. Leaving London to set up my own creative services business I headed back to Yorkshire, a move that proved a great success as the company grew and thrived for over 20 years working for clients in a range of B2B markets like workplace safety, home improvement, footwear, engineering and construction.

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