Services at a glance my experience covers on and offline copywriting, web copywriting, SEO copywriting, B2B emails letters and newsletters, direct mail campaigns, press & PR, blogs and social media, corporate and financial documents, technical product literature and catalogues, scripts for radio/video, sales presentations and conferences.

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How I work and the cost of using my services

These notes are intended to offer you an insight into how I work and how I approach each project no matter what this might be.


I work from both an office in rural Yorkshire and a sunnier one up a mountain in southern Spain, so please call my mobile or email me and I will call you back. / 0044(0)7932 100007

penYour website is a critical part of your marketing, don’t add the copy as an afterthought!

Agreeing the cost

  1. In order to give you an accurate quotation for the work, we will have to agree a well defined brief.
  2. After the initial contact during which I will talk through the scope and detail of the copywriting project I will send a proposal outlining what I think the work entails and a quotation. The quotation will include the fixed fee for the writing project. In my experience most copywriting projects require a first draft (outline), second draft and final copy. This means you can be involved at every stage. Additional client amends after this process will be charged at my hourly rate.
  3. Once we agree the scope and you accept the quoted price the proposal is signed and returned to me.
  4. An invoice for 50% of the agreed fee will be issued on acceptance of the proposal for payment before I start work.
  5. When the job is complete the final payment will be invoiced and my payment terms are seven days.

The cost

Experience has taught me that being transparent and “up front” about my fee has always been the best policy.

  • I charge a set fee for each project based on my hourly rate and this is always agreed before I start.
  • My current hourly rate is £65.00 (GBP) Not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. (I am open to negotiation on larger projects)
  • I have a minimum fee of £100 (GBP)


Turnaround times will really depend on how good the brief is, the amount of reference material you can provide and my work schedule. However once I have looked at the brief I will give you a delivery date I can reasonably achieve but please bear in mind that my deadline will be dependent on your approval times.


I don’t include meeting time in my proposal unless the client requests this as I find email, phone and Skype is usually enough to get the job done. However if you request a meeting then this will be charged at my hourly rate together with travel time and costs.

Taking the brief

Expect lots of questions about your proposed project. I will want to know about your products, target market, marketing objectives, competition and a whole lot more. All this will be used as part of the proposal so that you can see that I have totally understood the brief.

The final review and proofreading

I will generally do three versions of the copy which gives you two opportunities to make your amends. After this I will happily make further client amends but these will be charged at my hourly rate. I work by using a master version of the copy which is updated, numbered and dated as the project progresses.

Talk to me about it!

No matter what I write on this page I am sure you could still have unanswered questions (lots more answers on my FAQ’s page) or call or click and we’ll talk through anything you have in mind.

A happy end

As I ask all my clients for a testimonial for my file and rely on them for recommendations I work hard to ensure that the whole process has left you smiling.