Services at a glance my experience covers on and offline copywriting, web copywriting, SEO copywriting, B2B emails letters and newsletters, direct mail campaigns, press & PR, blogs and social media, corporate and financial documents, technical product literature and catalogues, scripts for radio/video, sales presentations and conferences.

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The things I write for my on and offline clients

Everything I write is bespoke to your needs and I’m responsible for every piece of work I produce. Although I have written about almost everything you can imagine, I continue to bring a creative and enquiring mind to every project no matter what the subject. You’ll find that my background and experience mean I am able to understand the brief quickly and the pressure of the deadlines that you are under.

seoWhat is SEO copywriting?

The answer to this and lots more in the FAQ’s!

Online projects

  • Website copy content
    Today your website forms one of the cornerstones of successfully marketing your business. We all understand that sites only work if they instantly connect with the reader. Once on the site engaging them with interesting content and ensuring that they recognise and understand the product or service being offered is key to the experience. I will write the persuasive and relevant copy that keeps prospective buyers on your site and turns them from window shoppers to buyers.
  • SEO copywriting
    Sets of words that have been specifically written to appeal to Search Engines and help to establish and maintain your site in your sector web rankings.
  • Copy editing and content checking service
    Some of my clients find it more affordable to write their own copy but need some help to ensure it reflects their business in a professional light. My service includes reading, editing and organising any content supplied.
  • SEO & advice on linking
  • Copy for blogs and web press articles
  • Social Media Advice and campaign planning

The printed word

  • Even in this age of tablets, 4G and Facebook, creating readable and compelling copy to promote your brand, products and services in advertising, brochures, scripts and everything in between is still very much part of what I do.
  • I also write technical product information sheets, technical sales brochures, catalogues and operating instructions. Meticulous research and an enquiring mind lie behind my enviable reputation for being able to make even the most complicated information understandable.

Sales/business copy

  • Hard hitting, jargon free copywriting for email direct response campaigns, sales letters, press releases, news letters and business documents.

Other copywriting based services

  • Copy editing and content checking
    You write it, I check it, that’s the basis of this service. No matter how well you can write it is often wise to have an independent view especially if the copy contains technical information. Over the years I have found that many clients are so immersed in their product they forget that the wider market have never seen or heard of it.
  • Translation services
    I work closely with a number of B2B translation companies to provide my clients with copy that delivers an accurate translation of technical and commercial copywriting.

Other customer contact based services

  • Direct response contact lists and mailing campaigns
    With access to business contact lists for many sectors I am able to offer my clients the ability to target their market with effective sales communications. Please contact me for more information.
  • List cleaning
    Many SMS companies have been collecting contact data on their current, lapsed and prospective customers but can’t use the information in their marketing because it’s incomplete or out of date. I work with a small team of telephone researchers who can take your mismatched data and deliver it back as a business changing sales tool. This very affordable service usually pays instant dividends.
  • Telephone research
    Do you know what your customers really think of you? Do you know what else they are buying that you could supply? By simply getting closer to your customers you will be able to ensure your marketing is hitting the spot and building a more profitable relationship. Working with a small team of researchers we can talk independently to your customers in confidence and then compile all the relevant information for you to use to plan your next move.

If you can’t see the copywriting service you require listed above please call or click me for a chat and I’ll try to help.